Trike Side Effects

Since using my recumbent trike more often I've noticed that my bottom and legs have become more toned :) This is one of the nice side effects of my early morning cycle.. I must say that I wasn't expecting this.

I haven't been updating this blog as often as I would like due to work commitments but I promise I'll try harder !!

How not to cycle...

Right so I took my new recumbent trike to the countryside for a test run and I must say that its faired only ok.. I came across a few off the beaten road tracks and thats where my trike suffered.. The shock suspension was not great. I think I felt every little pebble on the road..

The trike faired brill on concrete paths.. Tarmacadam path were the best.

My First Recumbent Trike

Ever since I bought my recumbent trike I've been wondering where can I cycle it. I love the design of it and find it a much better ride than my normal 2 wheeled bike.. I wish these were more common and that I would cycle it in more places however due to the lack of cycling lanes in Quincy, I find it hard to get around.

Perhaps it's the inner attention seeker in me but I find that I secretly enjoy people staring at me as I cycle it around. Often I get people coming up to me asking me where I got the recumbent trike. Ah well.. Hopefully these will become more popular, so that state officials will widen those bike paths for the recumbent trikes..